Day 6: Definitions, Quotes and Remote Visits

Blog Worthy Definitions & QuotesWe would leave the hotel early for a trip to the remote Uganda rural areas.

“smartie bomb” is a piece of candy sent through an open window of the miracle van which would be winding its way through the Ugandan countryside. Soon followed by a confused look and then a huge smile and cheer from the local children.

“cluster smartie bomb” is a handful of candies sent out of the window toward larger targets. Upon impact, they explode and cause lots of children to scatter with smiles picking up the pieces.

“Hand grenade smartie” is a small handful of smarties sent flying in a lobbing fashion over the top of a moving Miracle Van. Jay provided the lead here in this area.

“Can I have Dum Dum”

“This place looks like Lubbock with mountains..”

“Code brown” When traveling there is so much dust flying that all of the windows of the miracle van must be shut immediately.

“Driving the roads of Uganda is like a video game…..stay on the tiny road, don’t hit the bike, miss the pothole, go slow over the speed bump, and watch for the police man who will be standing and motion you over with just his finger. “

“stop the Miracle Van… look to the right”

“black booger alert”

Stop #1

Pastor Emmy’s mom’s (Julianna) home. When she heard we were going to renew our vows, she began to hand make a beautiful colored tapestry mat. She gave it to us as a token of her appreciation of how we have supported her son and family. It is one of the best gifts I have ever been given. Period.

While there we made some friends and then continued on the road.

Stop #2

On arrival there was our beloved friend. Simon, dressed in a beautiful blue suit ready for a meeting on Wall Street. On our last trip in November it had rained so hard. We would learn later from Simon something that would shock us all. That is the last time it has rained. Oh my…… wonder the severe dust, brown color, bulls with their ribs showing near the water holes. People were now having to draw water about 3 miles from their homes as per Emmy.

We settled in the church (the most beautifully decorated of all of Emmy’s churches) and received our warm greeting from Simon who is 55 and was saved in a Ugandan prison. He has been on fire since that day for the Lord. His chiseled features to his face and his very dark skin remind me of Mogli from the Jungle Book. His ivories cut through the dimly like Ugandan countryside like no other of Pastor Emmy’s 43 pastors. He graciously welcomed us and then Doug, Jay, Monica and I all shared something from the Word. Emmy tagged on to what was presented and did some additional teaching. It is a real art and talent to do that: to listen so closely to someone, to know the Word so well, and then begin to continue the preaching on the same topic.

Two things would happen next:

1. A young woman was saved. Both our pastors led her in the sinner’s prayer of salvation. Was a sight to see. Pastor Simon will be following up with her.

2. Pastor Simon invited a local teacher to come talk to us. His name is Teacher John. Here is one of the pictures. I will save the rest of this incredible story for a future post. Needless to say……..we were quite amazed at what the Lord is doing through his life.

Stop #3 Simon’s House.

On the road up a bit was Simon’s house. It was of course empty because the church was meeting but he wanted us to stop and pray. I love stopping here each visit. He has some new windows and a real door on his humble home. Maybe 800 square feet at the best. No chickens inside this time…..just outside. He has taught me much about contentment and how to be happy with what the Lord gives you. I am so blessed to know this man of God.

Stop #4 Pastor Reuben’s church and home. The last we visited the rain was so bad that Jay and Daniel made the executive decision that we should walk through the Ugandan countryside in the mud. It was a great decision. This time we pulled right up to the church where they had been waiting for hours for us. I have made an earlier post about Reuben, him being Emmy’s #2 and how he is vital to this ministry. If you would have been there yesterday, you would noticed something that Pastor Doug was quick to pick up on. Reuben’s house is about to fall down, but the church being built brick by brick by the entire church, was standing tall. All of his funds and energies have been put in to glorifying the Lord’s House. Wow, I am not sure I have to say anything else. We could all learn from just standing there and looking at both structures.

Inside the church worship was going on with quite the enthusiasm. My only disappointment of the wedding was not getting to hear Reuben’s wife Hallen sing. Of all the worship singers in Uganda, she is by far my favorite. She is quite the beautiful lady, and actually dyed her hair for the wedding to match her dress. Reuben introduced her as a young woman who many “big bosses” wanted to marry. However, Reuben won her over. I told them because of their similar smile. Don’t you agree? She got up to worship and blessed us with 2 songs. Then I requested another one of my favorites that she always sings when we come. Monica, myself and Mr Cha shared at this venue. Mr Cha brought a timely message about support that he had learned at the banana planatation the day before.

The offering was then taken and one by one the church members made their way up to the basket. Most dropping 1-2 coins in the basket while we were putting our folded money in the basket. Our gift was out of abundance , theirs was out of sacrifice. Reuben presented the basket to the Lord and we took a second glance. If only I could be so generous in my offering to the Lord.

At the end of the service Reuben introduced us to a 85 year old widow, his mother Angelina. Her smile was precious and unforgettable. to all of us privileged to meet her.

We took a group photo at Reuben’s church and headed on our way back to Mbarara. Driver Emmy turned on the radio and we all heard a familiar song and joined in.

“Shout to the Lord, all the earth let us sing……

……………I sing for joy at the work of His hands

Forever I love you, forever I will stand

Nothing compares to the promise I have in you”


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