Webale Trip 54

I have led many teams to Uganda. They have all been special in their own way.


However, never have I led a more easy and agreeable group.

IMG_4041 2

I am so proud of this group.


I am proud of the way they shared the love of Jesus and passed out thousands of hugs.



IMG_3139 (1)

They joyfully gave and distributed God’s Word to hundreds.



IMG_3924 2

IMG_3933 2

IMG_4030 2

And who knew they were also all top notch actors?


Jacob (also known back home as Rich) was a big hit as he helped convey the story of Joseph to the eager eyes and ears in the audience.


Sam as Joseph


and Dave as the Pharoah,


with the help of their all star cast of characters made the story from Genesis come to life!






Trip 54 was full of willing vessels of Christ’s love.


What causes people to serve without reservation? What causes them to humbly give of their time and their resources?


Jesus is the answer! It is Christ at work in their lives that causes them to serve and give.


epa copy

There was not a single complaint all week .


Not a single extra stop. 

They went without food and bathroom stops like no other trip before them.



I am thankful for Trip 54! You have blessed many with your joy. Your impact in Uganda is great and the work that you are continuing to do brings glory to the Lord!



The Faces of Parental Care


If you visit one of our PCM campuses, you will note rather quickly how much of a challenge you can face telling children apart. Most dressed in striped blue, boys in shorts and girls in dresses, there are little defining features if looking from a distance or behind. Up close, there usually is no or little hair for hygiene reasons. Truly, the only way to tell any of them apart is looking at part or all of their faces.

Everybody has been given a face by the Lord, a certain unique look like no other.


Sometimes you get a different look when you are supposed to know someone’s name.


Usually you get off the identification hook when asking for a group shot from several of the beauties.


What is unmistakable though, is the true joy these kids share on their face from just being in school.


Praise has found that diligence with your studies, even in the baby class, will put you at the top of the class.



Keep working hard because others are right behind you.


Some of our faces show how much we appreciate the love and support of our sponsors.


You can even see that with our body language how much peace we have no matter how much or how little the kids have at the current moment.


However, the face really tells all. No words needed here for sure.


Sometimes our children want their faces to look older than they really are.


When we worship, they never really care what their face looks like.


They are too busy opening our hearts to our beloved Jesus.


Some of the faces at the Omwana House have only been around for a few months, but we do know that the Lord created each and every one of them.

10A few of them are known for a very distinctive smile


and occasionally they need to show very little for our friends to still be recognizable……. Duncan.

Version 2

Even with green hair, Duncan still can’t hide. We know you. God created you for His glory. And you have some of that.


Jesus gave some of the children the most beautiful eyes, and just seeing them makes us shout their name.  One day down the road, many in America might see these eyes worshipping and dancing like his father Robert.


The future is bright for these children of Mbarara.


These children are ready for whatever challenges they may face thanks to the love and support of so many people.


Some have heard already how cold it is in Michigan and have started training early.


Others are just content knowing that the Lord created them for a purpose.


Thank you Jesus for making these beautiful PCM children. May they live long so they can praise Your Name for generations to come.



Do you know John Bosco?

Epa has a twin brother in Uganda. His name is Pastor Emmy. We all know and love him for his tireless work, his love for Uganda and PCM, his love for children, and most importantly his love for Christ. I also have a twin brother in Uganda that I would like to introduce to you. His name is John Bosco and I affectionately refer to him as JB. cover He also works tirelessly, loves Uganda and PCM, loves children, and loves Christ. He works behind the scenes and is a one of the many parts of the body of PCM that allow it to function properly. He is the PCM Uganda Accountant.


This week has afforded me more pleasures and blessing than I could name in this sitting so I will focus on the pleasure and blessing that is John Bosco. I have been blessed with two full days of work and fellowship with JB at the PCM Uganda office in Mbarara.


The main purpose and goal was to train JB to use Quickbooks and make the conversion. He has never used accounting software so this was quite an ambitious goal. If I am perfectly honest, I must admit I was anxious and concerned that two days would not be enough time. That anxiety was for nothing, as it usually is, because JB is brilliant and God is very good. We accomplished the goal!!!

Being that JB is my twin brother and I love him so, I make certain when I come to Uganda that I have gifts and treats for him. His eyes always light up and he shows much excitement as each gift is revealed to him. This time he unveiled pens, pencils, a wall decoration, sweeties, showing excitement for all. Then he pulled out the box of paper clips. His expression changed to confusion. As he stared at them he said, “I do not know how to use these.” I did my best to hide my surprise. I responded, “Well, let me show you!” I explained that if he has a group of papers that he is not yet ready to staple together, he can use the paperclip to hold them together. He got one out and tried. It became apparent immediately that he truly had never used a paperclip before as he tried to slip one on the corner of his notes. The clip was upside down. After showing him the proper way to use it his face lit up. “Thank you so much! I will use these!”

IMG_2172As we began training in Quickbooks, his amazement at what the software can do was exhilarating. With every transaction he reacted with “wow” or “it does that automatically?!” Many times he said, “I believe this will make my work so much faster.” I learned on this trip that JB works 12 hours per day for five days each week to fulfill his responsibilities to PCM.   He then attends University on the weekends. My desire is that this software will allow his workday to be shorter. We all need rest and we all need time to enjoy the fruits of our labor. God made us that way and it is His desire that we do so. He gave us an example in Gen. 2:2 when He rested on the seventh day. That idea is carried forward with the Sabbath in the Old Testament and the Lord’s Day on Sunday in the New. In Mark 6:31, Jesus knew the work His apostles had done that day and He says to them, “…Come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest for a while.” We all need time to rest, reflect, and rejuvenate. As our creator God knows what we need and that sometimes a little rest equips us to be able to glorify him better.

IMG_3626 2Please pray for John Bosco and for all of the PCM Uganda staff that they will be able to find rest from their difficult labors and be rejuvenated as they serve the Lord faithfully in Uganda!

-Missy Thornton, PCM USA Finance Director


Missy would never bring attention to herself, so we couldn’t end this post without letting you know just how hard working she is too! PCM is staffed, both in Uganda and the USA, with people who love Jesus, love to serve, and work hard. Missy is no exception.


She often does the job that no one really notices and puts in lots of hours making sure that every donation goes to just the right place!


Thank you Missy and John Bosco! Both of you are a gift to your PCM family!