Singing and the Rain


We made it!  Honestly that is a big accomplishment for PCM 52 since this team has come from the four corners of the US: Michigan, Colorado, Georgia and Texas. From almost missing flights, to meeting up with team members at exactly the right time, God has provided the way for this team 52. With each detail it has been evident and comforting to know God is with us wherever we go.

On this trip we are an American choir……or the Mzungu Choir. Since the kids here always are so welcoming with their praise on every trip, we decided as a team to bless them back by singing to Him for them.

Now of course, never practicing together and not knowing the songs might have been a slight problem, but the Ugandans absolutely loved every note of it of course. One of the songs is called “I Give Myself Away.”


Mrs. Brazell, the mother of our beloved intern Chris Brazell,   picked out the songs, led the singing and introduced this song as being our trip’s motto. I give myself away. I think she might just be right to say that because it is important as Chrisitans to forget oneself and sacrifice for others.

Give yourselves completely to God, for you were dead, but now you have new life. So use your whole body as an instrument to do what is right for the glory of God.  Romans 6:13

I couldn’t have seen a better example of sacrifice than deep inside of these faithful employees, the staff of the  The Kate Clinic.


The doctors and nurses that work this clinic are on the job 24/7. So basically they are never NOT on call. To give up your own comfort and serve others isn’t easy, but that is what Jesus calls us too. Thank you for your faithful examples.

Often, our humble staffers have to make the long journey down the dirt road at night to help treat another patient who has just checked in. We have been praying that the Lord provide a nice safe place for them to live behind the clinic.


Rent would be free and the walk would take just seconds. We are happy to report that Jesus has provided and we are well on our way to new homes for our PCM Kate clinic staff!

Next stop was just down the hill: The PCM Kyassenya School


We arrived with a warm welcome like always.

Never will it get old to see a precious child look at you and hug you like you are family.



The people here know how to welcome with open arms and you can see Jesus shining through them every so brightly.


Well in Uganda the dry season has arrived and that means “fufu” (dust) and lots of it. These kids waited all day for the beloved visitors (PCM 52) to arrive.  Once again, the people here are so sacrificing and so patient. While we sat in the luxury of plastic chairs, they sat on the grass and in the hot sun.


Enraptured by the fact we came all this way to see them, they sat with smiles flashing some of the biggest grins you could ever imagine.


They sang for us and then we sang for them.


Both of us  offering up praises to the Lord but in a different way that was beautiful. I think that’s another thing I love about being here. We are so different in cultures, yet our spirits are the same, and they blend together so well.


After the singing it was time for a drink! Singing and sitting in the sun deserves some refreshment for sure. Being Americans we do expect a lot….. all the time.


We aren’t necessarily thankful for the everyday blessings. I forget that everything belongs to God, and I don’t deserve one bit of the things I receive.



God reminds us in the sweetest way always. Supermom asked if someone would pray and one of the older girls named Prossy starts to pray for the cokes. She was praying and thanking Him for a drink but that did not matter because it was truly one of the most beautiful prayers I have ever heard. It was genuine in thankfulness and reminded us all how grateful we could be if we just thank Him like these children do.


“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” Matt 18:3-4


Right after handing the drinks out, the rain came. This was another provision because it is dry season and of course they don’t get very much rain during this season at all. The collecting systems on many  of the roofs in the village would help harvest this blessing from the sky. WOW. I was amazed. Amazed at his goodness when we are thankful and forget about ourself.


Here is summed up what God taught our team today:

We have little to offer but if we give ourselves to His will, He will use us and we will be able to see Him actively involved in the lives of His people.

Thank you Jesus.

Till Tomorrow,



Never Thirst Again

Omwana House

“Jesus time” on the porch at Omwana was a time we will cherish forever. Teacher Denis, Matthew and another precious student from Katyazo blessed us beyond words as they walked up the driveway with their violin and guitar to lead the babies in a time of praise and worship as the sun was setting.

One thing I can tell you for sure about PCM staff and leadership, is that Jesus is first place in their lives.


We sang about the living water the Holy Spirit provides and how faithful God has been in providing for the Omwana House. He is meeting the needs that these babies so desperately needed.

“If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. He who believes in me, as the Scriptures said, ‘From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water’. John 7:37


It is the ministry of the Spirit, flowing out of a heart redeemed by God, that blesses believers and, through them, brings life and light to the world.

Ivan and Faith reminded us of where these babies have come from, by showing us the clothes saved from each of their rescues.


rescue clothes

Hearing their stories again caused our hearts to break but caused us to reflect on Jesus when he left the tomb, “Then Simon Peter arrived and went inside the tomb. He also noticed the linen wrappings lying there, while the cloth that had covered Jesus’ head was folded up and lying apart from the other wrappings.” John 20:6-7 This was a symbol of the life that was still to come and that he would return. But until then, he would send the Holy Spirit, the living water to fill us with his life and light. As children of God, we are all called to overflow with rivers of living water. We see such evidence of that in the staff and students at PCM as we see the spirit of God overflowing in them in everything they do.

Omwana staff

We also praise Him for a PCM community here in the U.S. who is so willing to selflessly sacrifice and give to meet the needs, as the children have a new life to live. Remembering where these babies have come from reminds us of the greatness of our God and his provision in the past year. From the support to add a bathhouse,


And a playground that the kids absolutely love

playground 1

playground Kato


As the boys were hard work making it a safer place to play,

boys working

men working

We are moving forward and praying and believing that he will continue to meet all of the needs according to his riches and glory in Christ Jesus.

As we met with the staff and discussed moving forward and coming alongside them, they shared their most urgent needs as of now with us.

We were amazed when they told us that they walk all six babies to church at Katyazo every Sunday. It would be a huge help to them if we could purchase a wagon for them to transport the babies down the driveway, as a couple of the babies are not walking yet.

Shakida sitting

As you may remember reading about the need for a kitchen, the necessity became a reality as we saw where our sweet nannie Shivan was spending many hours preparing the balanced snacks and meals for the babies.

Omwana kitchen

We are so thankful for a boda boda (motorcycle) that has been purchased for the baby house. It allows our administrator Ivan to investigate the families and learn about others in need. But he is not allowed to transport the babies on the bike if one should be admitted into the Omwana house or in need of emergency medical attention.

Ivan boda boda

Therefore a request has been made that a small car be purchased to be used at the Omwana House for medical emergencies and longer transport.

As we began to focus on the dietary needs, it became clear because of the malnourishment of some of the babies, the need for a few cows or goats, which would provide the nourishment needed.

Shakida drinking

children eating

Please join us in prayer, as we know God is faithful to provide for these needs as the staff continues to pour out their love into His children.

Jenn with kids

kato smiling

With your prayers and support and the abundance of living water that the Lord provides through those who love and serve him wholeheartedly, we know that PCM Omwana will continue to grow and be a ministry that provides life and light to many in need.

Our cup runneth over,

Jennifer & Heather



Celebrate King Jesus!

Team 51 has had the chance to experience life change in many different ways. This week we have enjoyed spending time with the PCM children at our schools and the new babies at Omwana House. However, we have also had the chance to be a part of some evangelism opportunities.

It started with door to door evangelism earlier this week where we had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people around Mbarara.

evangelism team

It was amazing how easy it was to just share about our relationship with God and ask them if they enjoyed the same thing. Many of them were already believers, but there were also many more who did not know the life changing grace of Jesus! Our team partnered up with a Ugandan evangelism team from several local churches and in small groups we got to share with many people. In all this week 61 people gave their lives to Jesus just by walking up and starting a conversation!

door to door

We also had the opportunity to see the latest progress on Glory FM which will have its grand opening next month.

Glory FM banner

Pastor Charles and our other partners Francis and Isaac have been hard at work preparing the studio. Of course Emmy D had to help show off the studio

Emmy D studio

When it is finished it will be a wonderful place to be able to share the love of Jesus with hundreds of thousands all at once! Stayed tuned for much more to come on Glory FM in just a couple of weeks!


One of the highlights of our trip has been the opportunity to share the Gospel along with several churches at a crusade in Mbarara. Two of our young men on the team want to share some of their experiences:

Reed and Andrew

The Crusade was amazing and a life changing experience. The first night twenty-one people accepted Christ. In all eighty-five people came to know Christ.

team praying

There were multiple people who preached and told their testimonies including Steve Alberts, Justin Hayes, Jeremy Roy, and Heather Allen, along with more pastors,

Heather testimony

but the one that moved us the most was Jeremy’s testimony.

Jeremy testimony

Here it is. So it all started when a brown recluse bit him. And two months later he was in the hospital with a high fever. He was in there two weeks, and his kidneys were shutting down and his heart started to stop pumping blood. And they told him he has a couple more hours to live. And they told him they had to do a dangerous procedure and Jeremy said “NO” and the doctor said I’ll be here all day but you won’t, and by that time he said ok. So he fell asleep and he woke up, and he found a plastic bag on his face and his breath on the bag, and the doctor said last try and poked the needle straight into the his blood vessel in his neck, and he passed out again. While he was passed out he had a dream. In his dream he saw a red button with the word restart. He pressed the button which propelled him into his destiny. God healed him and he got out of the hospital.

Mukama Asiimwe!

-Andrew Allen and Reed Alexander


Hearing the boys’ reflections on the Crusade reminds me that, though an ocean apart, we share with the people of Uganda the same spiritual needs, and spiritual healing. The team worked with the local churches to go door-to-door, telling people about Jesus and inviting them to the crusade. On arrival to the market square, we found people who wanted to celebrate King Jesus.

celebrate Jesus

We found people who were faced with their lostness and wanted to find salvation. With the stage right in front of a bar, people heard the testimony of His children, they heard the gospel preached, but most importantly they heard the voice of the Spirit call them to the salvation of Jesus!

man getting saved

Reader, you would have been proud of Team 51 as they let Christ live His life through them. As I preached I was witness to team members walking through the crowd, sharing and praying with men, women and children.

standing with friends

praying for boy

The pastors of Uganda work so hard to proclaim the glory of God and in leading the Church to serve as the full body of Christ. I think I can speak for the entire team in saying that we were blessed because we saw how hard they all work to plow the soil and plant seeds, that was our honor to be a part of the harvest work, and was to see people respond to the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Steve preaching

– Steve Alberts aka Pastor Steve


The work continues in Uganda. Pastor Evard (pictured above with Steve and who will be coming to the US in November with several other pastors) headed up the evangelism team that went door to door, and he also has been sharing the Gospel at a camp for Congo and Rwandan refugees. What the people want more than anything in the camp are Bibles!

man with Bible

If you want to help us purchase some Bibles for refugees in a few different languages as well as others in Mbarara you can fund one for $10 each. We love having a partnership where we can join our brothers and sisters in bringing the Gospel to the nations!